Netaly Aylon

Contact: netalyaylon70536@gmail.com
Phone: +972544320930

Born in 1987, Israel, Lives and works in Tel-Aviv

- B.F.A (with honors), Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Department of fine arts, Jerusalem, IL

Group Exhibitions

2020 - "Merimim Et HaShalter" events, Tel-Aviv. Curated by meital Manor
2020 - In Service, Koresh 14 gallery, Jerusalem. Curated by Dveer Shaked
2020 - The Israeli ministry of culture and sport award exhibition, Ashdod Museum Of ArtAshdod, Israel. Curated by Yuval Biton, Roni Cohen Benyamini, Dafna Gazit
- Dynamo": The seventh biennale for drawing in Israel, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem. Curator: Abraham Kritzman"
- "Stone Telling", Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna, Austria. Curators: Daniella Hahn, Andrea Lehsiak
2019 - "Pyrotechnix", Artists Studios, Jerusalem. Curator: Tali Kayam
- “ An Assembled Fire”, A duo exhibition with artist Avi Sabah, Oranim Gallery, Oranim Academic College, Kiryat Tivon. Curator: Orit Bulgaro
- "The shape of things to come”, Beita Gallery, Jerusalem. Curator: Smadar Tsook
- “New Age”, MOBY (Museums of Bat-Yam), curated by Hila Cohen-Schneiderman
2018 - ZUMU Arad, Arad towel factory, curated by Ofra Harnam, Milana gitzin-Adiram
2018 - “Summer marks”, “Alfred” gallery, curated by Maayan Gutfeld & Yoav Hainebach
2017 - ״In Service”, Petach - Tikva Museum Of Art, Petach - Tikva. Curator: Or Tshuva
2016 - “Things to come”, Petach-Tikva Museum Of Art, Petach-Tikva. Curator: Doreet Levitte Harten
2016 - “Bitter”, “Hanina” gallery, tel-aviv. Curator: Mia Kazan
2014 - “Future plans” Street exhibition, Jerusalem, curators: “BlackBox”
2014 - “the cucumber died, Came back to life, and now it has a beard”, “Bezalel 7” gallery, Jerusalem. A cooperation with artist Tal Rosen Eliezer
2014 - “Colon”, “Bezalel 7” gallery, Jerusalem Curators: Amir Menasheof, Merav Kamel.

Solo exhibitions
- “Massive asteroid approaching earth”, “Artists studios” gallery, Tel-Aviv. curator: Eitan Buganim
2013 - “The hidden passenger”, Amiad gallery, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Adi Englman            

- “Barbur b&b”- “Barbur” gallery residency program, Jerusalem
2017 - “Mada al habar” events-  “about science and art” - a lecture given by Netaly Aylon and astro-physicist Adam rubin, in association with “Weizmann” institute of science                                    

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- Roee Alter’s review on “New Age”, at “Haaretz” newspaper - Click Here
19.5.2017 - Ouzi Zur’s review on “Massive asteroid approaching earth” at “Haaretz” newspaper - Click Here
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4.7.2013 - A look on israel’s promising artists, “Calcalist” online magazine - Click Here

Prizes & grants

- “Young artist” prize, The ministry of culture and sport (Israel)
2017 - “Joshua Rabinowitz” Fund for the Arts Grant
2017 - Israel Lottery Council For Culture & Arts grant
2017 - The Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality grant for special projects in the arts.2013- “Gross” fund grant for BFA graduation project.

Artist Statement

The hermetic theory suggests that all systems in the universe are parallel and composed similarly; From the atom to the solar system, forms resonate repeatedly in the different layers of existence. I find this theory activates most of my creative work. It is a gate through which I can explore the way emotions might be embodied in matter or form; The way the corporeal, mortal human body can be connected to the most sublime, celestial phenomenon.

I investigate ideas from different fields and disciplines: geometry, physics, chemistry, astronomy, philosophy, literature. I sample and reassemble them to reveal a new and different paradigm, one that can be perceived better through the senses. Thus, I want to ensure an honest representation of various phenomena by imitating them, rather than illustrating them; I do so by using techniques such as molding and casting, building kinetic mechanisms, and exploring natural materials and processes. 
In recent years I have been working with ceramic materials. I believe in these materials’ energetic level, in the way they echo powerful chemical processes that take place deep underground, alongside their delicate qualities. I find these qualities exist in the human body as well, so through these materials, I can investigate it better. 

I want to create sensory empathy with objects, one that can activate a deep, primal emotion; To create a physical place where the visible indicates the invisible, a place where hierarchies collapse and the homogeneous mass of stardust in which all things float – manifests itself.