Netaly Aylon

Contact: netalyaylon70536@gmail.com
Phone: +972544320930
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/netalyaylon/

Born in 1987, Israel, Lives and works in Tel-Aviv

RawArt gallery - Shuttle project for emerging artist: http://www.rawart-gallery.com/artists/netaly-aylon/gallery/


2022- 2024 - Techniques in goldsmithing, Micha Yehieli Studio, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2016-2020 - Ceramics studies, Wheel Room Studio, Jaffa, Israel                          

2009-2013- BFA (with honors), Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel

Grants & Awards

2023 -  “Joshua Rabinowitz” Fund for the Arts Grant for a project in a group exhibition

2022 -  “Joshua Rabinowitz” Fund for the Arts Grant for a project in a group exhibition

2017- The Israeli Ministry of Culture And Sport’s Young Artist award                                                                                                 

2017- “Joshua Rabinowitz” Fund for the Arts Grant for a solo exhibition

2017- Israel Lottery Council For Culture & Arts grant for a solo exhibition

2017- The Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality grant for special projects in the arts

2013- “Gross” fund grant for BFA graduation project

Solo & Duo exhibitions

2024 - ”Faint Vibration of the Petals”, In collaboration with musician and sound artist Yifeat Ziv. Ehad Ha’am Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Curated by Yair Barak

2019- “An Assembled Fire”, A duo exhibition with artist Avi Sabah, Oranim Gallery, Oranim Academic College, Kiryat Tivon, Israel. Curated by Orit Bulgaro

2017- “Massive Asteroid Approaching Earth”, “Artists Studios” gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Curated by Eitan Buganim

2013-  “The Hidden Passenger”, Amiad gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Curated by Adi Englman

Group Exhibitions

2023 - “Unexpected Territory”, Arad Contemporary Art Center, Arad,  Israel. Curated by Tamar Roded Shabtay

2022 -  “And The World Was Pretty Wonderful”, Raw Art Gallery, Tel Aviv,  Israel. Curated by Maya Bamberger

2022- “Mashalia”, Hansen House, Jerusalem, Israel. Curated by Bezalel academy Master's Program in Policy and Theory of the Arts

2021- “Hand Built” Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Herzliya, Israel. Curated by Tali Kayam

2021- “Design Week”, Hansen House, Jerusalem, Israel. Curated by Anat Safran, Tal Erez

2021- “Silent Spring”, P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curated by Avshalom Suliman

2021- “What Did You Say?” , Beita Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel. Curated by Alfa Haimov

2020- “Lights On” street exhibition, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Curated by Meital Manor.

2020- “Best Interest”, Koresh 14 gallery, Jerusalem, Israel. Curated by Dveer Shaked

2020- The Israeli ministry of culture and sports award exhibition, Ashdod Museum Of Art, Ashdod, Israel. Curated by Yuval Biton, Roni Cohen Benyamini, and Dafna Gazit

2019- “Dynamo” - The Seventh Biennale For Drawing In Israel, Barbur gallery, Jerusalem, Israel. Curated by Abraham Kritzman

2019- “Stone Telling”, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna, Austria. Curated by Daniella Hahn, Andrea Lehsiak

2019- “Pyrotechnix”, Art cube artists’ studios gallery, Jerusalem, Israel. Curated by Tali Kayam

2019- “The Shape of Things to Come”, Beita Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel. Curated by Smadar Tsook

2018- “New Age”, MOBY (Museums of Bat-Yam), Israel. curated by Hila Cohen-Schneiderman

2018- “ZUMU Arad”, Arad, Israel. curated by Ofra Harnam, and Milana gitzin-Adiram.

2018- “Summer Marks”, “Alfred” gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curated by Maayan Gutfeld & Yoav Hainebach

2017- ״In Service”, Petach- Tikva Museum Of Art, Petach- Tikva, Israel. Curated by Or Tshuva      

2016- “Things to Come”, Petach-Tikva Museum Of Art, Petach-Tikva, Israel. Curated by Doreet Levitte Harten 

2016- “Bitter”, “Hanina” gallery, Tel-Aviv. Curated by Mia Kazan

2014- “Future Plans” Street exhibition, Jerusalem, Israel. Curated by “BlackBox”  

2014- “The Cucumber Died, Came Back to Life, and Now It Has a Beard”, “Bezalel 7” Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel                                                                                                                          

2014- “Colon”, “Bezalel 7” gallery, Jerusalem, Israel. Curated by Amir Menasheof and Merav Kamel


Projects / Residencies / Art Fairs

2023 - “Ficus Kinori” Experimental music events, curation and artistic management, Ta-Tarbut KM, Tel Aviv, Israel

2023 - Artist Residency at Kibuzzim College Of Art,  Tel Aviv, Israel

2022- “Shuttle” program for promoting young artists, Raw Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2022 - Artist Residency program at Shenkar College Of Design And Art, Israel

2022 - Artist Residency program at Arad Contemporary Art Center, Arad, Israel

2021- “Fresh Paint” Art Fair, Velodrom, Tel-Aviv. Curated by Raz Shapira, Yifat Gurion   

2017- “Barbur b&b”- “Barbur” gallery residency program, Jerusalem     

2017-  “About Science And Art” - a lecture by Netaly Aylon and astrophysicist Adam Rubin, in association with “Weizmann” Institute of Science


Private collections



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Netaly Aylon's works are based on the Hermetic philosophy, suggesting that all systems in the universe - from the atom to the solar system- are built similarly and, therefore, share a common core. She works in goldsmithing, ceramics, kinetics, sound, and mold-making practices to create sculptural installations through which she explores morphological resonances that connect the human body, nature, and celestial phenomena. Through her works, Aylon offers a non-hierarchical existence, where the world of phenomena aligns to one plane, the ephemeral becomes eternal, and matter indicates the sublime.